BunjaminDanklin's Showcase Thread 🤘

So I decided after seeing Caprica_Kirito’s thread, that it is a pretty good format to keep track of my progress; and have a single place to blog, where I can return to reflect on my method, mistakes and accomplishments.

I just got the Blender beginner course a few days ago but I have been learning through YouTube since last summer. I am quite happy with it; it seems that later in the course there’s information about a bunch of stuff I have not yet touched, such as particle effects and animation.

Currently I am taking a short break from the Blender course as my university coursework deadlines are coming up and I have to focus mostly on getting those finished. I took an even shorter break from working on the presentation I have to deliver next week today, to begin blocking out a building inspired by brutalist architecture to practice render composition and really drum some of my usual modelling techniques into memory.

So here is a render:

The only material is on a plane used to simulate the sky. The building is quite plain at the moment, I have a few ideas for details I would like to add to it; I seem to have made it quite difficult to continue building up details for the messy topology, any detail I add to this model will likely have to come from greeble’s at this point.

Here is a glimpse of the topology, via screenshot:

Any critique/feedback is welcome (encouraged even), be harsh; I am looking to improve as much as possible. My goal is to get a job doing this after I am done with university :crossed_fingers: :slight_smile:


Today I just had a quick crack at the Mayan pyramid. Rendered in cycles with basic Principled BSDF materials and a single Emission shader for the glowing doorway. It’s covered in fireflies, sorry about that… One day soon i’ll be learning to deal with that sort of thing! :slight_smile:

Had a lot of trouble figuring out how to attach the steps to the ramp so that I could have the bevel modifier working on the sides; so I just left them as a separate object for the render.

Also, I added some quick textures to the brutalist building to get a little idea of what it might look like when it’s finished. It looks kind of cool to me but i’m not sure still where i’m going with it.

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Just a new iteration of the building. Modelled with much more detail and much more controllable topology. Currently deciding what additional components to add to the outside of it; air conditioners, vents and electrical boxes etc. Quite happy with the base look of it like this, perhaps now I should start writing some kind of background story for it. :smiley: Please do let me know what you think would happen here…


A quick excercise in baking and texturing this morning. All maps were created/baked in Substance Painter, i’m quite happy with how it turned out, feedback/critique is welcomed :slight_smile:

Here is a screencapture of the render in Substance.

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