Bunch of errors when opening a new class or cpp

Hello! Been following the class and I absolutely love it and having no issue following it. Even though I’m able to build properly and all it bugs me that I get these messages cause later on when I get real bugs I will not be able to differ between the real ones and the fake ones. Should I switch over to Visual Studio 2019 with UnrealVS Extension? Or am I missing a library or something. Any help would be apreciated.

Extra thing; The errors only appear when I open the files. and I’ve tried refreshing the visual studio project many times, restarting the project and even my PC.

I am having the same problem and haven’t been able to sort out any sort of straight answer either. I think that unreal is supposed to build some of those platform specific compiler presetup instructions, but for whatever reason didn’t.

): hahaha at least we share the pain! It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one struggling *sobs
Hopefully someone or one of the instructors can help us out *crosses fingers

Yeah, I didn’t have this issue with bullcows, but I am with building escape.

A lot of people are having this issue if you poke around the course discussions and such. Best I can tell through the last 3-4 hours of googling and tearing my hair out it’s an issue with Unreal engine. I believe it has to do with the HAL Header Filename Standardization listed here.

Unreal 4.25 issue, fixed in 4.26. Ignore, use a different editor, or downgrade.


Omg, that hit the nail. I was using 4.25 for building escape, Thanks Dan! :smiley:

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