Bulls & Cow game won't launch in Unreal

I downloaded the Bulls & Cow starter kit and whenever I try to launch the game, the UE4 Editor icon pops up for a few seconds and then disappears without ever launching the game.

These are the dowloaded files for Bulls & Cow.

I’m using macOS Catalina

Could you do Cmd + Shift + G in Finder and then go to the logs by typing

"~/Library/Logs/Unreal Engine"

And then navigating to the project’s BullCowGame.log and post its contents?

When I navigate to the Unreal Engine folder I don’t see BullCowGame.log.

Here’s a list of what’s inside these directories as well

Hi There! First you have to open UE4 and then go to browse and search .up project and click on it, then you will see the file starts opening and next time if you want to open it again, open UE4 and go to projects and you could find Bull Cow Game, next time you can open from there, Well, I have expirienced the same buddy and hang on, well, many people are expiriencing the coding issues, you have to mind opening from Developer Command Prompt for VS code other wise you will get crosslinking issues and link the terminal properly else your game could’nt be saved and you have to repeat it again, please mind it. Please mark this as the solution, Thank you!

Are you sure you unzipped the project? Because that is the only reason why that would happen (that I’ve seen thus far).

Opening VS Code from Developer Command is for Windows users only though right? I’m using a mac.
You are a champ, thank-you for your help. Opening UE4 and clicking on browse and searching for .uproject and opening it from there solved the problem.

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Yes, I unzipped the project. “kaushal-vetsa” actually has the solution. It seems the first time I launch the game I had to open it from UE4 Editor. Now I can just click on the Bull&Cow icon and it launches.

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