Bulls and Cows Homemade Ascii Art

My Ascii Art:



hehe, very good! :slight_smile: 3:80 <-- moooo!

:+1: :cow2:

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Dawww!!! When I first saw that the first game was Bulls and Cows, my heart melted. I love cows so much!! Moooooo!!

…and @Rob – I absolutely <3 your cow emoticon. I’ve never seen that before. I’m so excited!! I intend to use this as often as I can!


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Lol… you’re welcome @Smulia :slight_smile:

Awesome Ascii art ! takes me back to my BBS and later on Warez Kiddie days.

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I will admit to copying your ascii art into my game file. I did put a reference in.

and… then i see the assignment to do my own. Ok, i’ll be redoing this then.

here is my Ascii Art .

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Tribute to our instructor :slight_smile:


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