BullCowGame is a Virus... or at least my Antivirus thinks so!

When I ran my BullCowGame I laughed when my Antivirus popped up, I’m guessing it thinks console C++ applications look suspicious. When it ran I received an “Access Denied” error in the console window. I added BullCowGame to my exceptions list in the Antivirus and ran it again without errors. I am at a quiz section so my code may be wrong.

I spent hours trying to figure out why my code didn’t work. Saw a random post about a similar issue and that was it. Wouldn’t have minded a tip before starting on making your projects folder whitelisted.

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Ironically when I “created exception” my antivirus would scan it each time I would try to test it. I had to go in to the antivirus software and manually whitelist it myself completely.

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