BullCowGame.exe (process18752) exited with code 0


More of an annoyance than an error, I suppose but:

I really would like to turn off the file path. I’ve typed up all of the code the way I was supposed to up to Section 2 Lesson 19.
I’m sure there’s a preference or an option to remove this, right?

I’m using Visual Studio 2017 on a Windows 10 laptop, if that helps any.


Having the same issue, would love a solution. Nothing online helps, they only advice I find is, “This means it’s working,what’s the issue?”

The issue is that this is not what’s happening in the instructors video and none of the settings seem to effect it.


It’s more of a cosmetic issue, I suppose, but we still need a solution. :c


For specifics like this, where there is a difference between the course lecture and what you are experiencing you may be better posting the question on the Q&A for the specific lecture. The team have a group of students instructors who will endeavour to help, but when they are unable to they will escalate to the specific instructor(s) for feedback/comment. I mention this because the instructor do not frequent the forum as often and as such questions/comments like this could go unnoticed.

Before I read your message about this not happening for the instructor I was going to just suggest that, as a console app, I wouldn’t worry too much about it, as if you were creating a fully fledged executable you’d not see this anyway.

Lets tag @sampattuzzi and see if he has an opportunity to drop in and suggest anything for you. :slight_smile:

Updated Sat Sep 22 2018 15:02

As an aside, this looks related, although it appears to be what is getting logged within the console in Visual Studio, might be worth checking though;

“Thread Exit Messages” appears to be a relevant term.

Looking at the settings in Visual Studio 2017 Community edition, I’d say try turning these off;


I’m having the same issue. Tried above suggestion and issue remains. Any other suggestions?


Hard for me to test at this end as I’ve not used C++ before. If you were to zip your project files, presumably I would be able to just run it, C++ is installed along with Visual Studio - I’m happy to have a little explore if you want to share the project files.

If there is anything else that is required/needs to be done before I can just run the project, let me know though :slight_smile:

The forum will allow uploads of up to 10MB, if your project files (zipped) are larger than that you would need to use a service such as Google Drive or Dropbox, and then share the URL.


I’m afraid that this is the new way VS is doing things. Don’t worry that it’s not exactly what you see in our videos. Fortunately, software is always being improved and changed so it’s good to get used to minor differences.


Thanks! @sampattuzzi


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