Bull Cow mods

Added a feature that I think makes the game a lot more playable. Gave the player the option to reveal a letter at the cost of a life. Increasing the number of reveals with the length of the hidden word. I was able to make sure I don’t reveal the same letter twice. Also, I managed to create a forced prompt that only accepts yes/no input. I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned so far!


Amazing job! :clap::clap:

Thats really interesting… never could have thought something like that.
Can you please tell that how have you connected your yes or no response inside OnInput function.

I am looking for something like this yes or no response where I can give player another chance if they lose the game.

it would be like

You Lose
You have 1 chance left
Would you like to play this level again
Enter Yes or No

Also I loved the idea of revealing the word letter by letter but at worth of a life taken. Have you created a different function for this purpose and does it randomly reveals the the letter or from the start?