Bull Cow Game a complete waste of time?

Worked through 20 hours of the course… Yes literally 20 hours of the course. There are so many errors, troubleshoots, required fixes, etc… The whole course is broken. From the first time the Bull Cow game initializes, it has errors re building and forces troubleshooting. Edited for profesionalism

Hi Telesphorogames,

I am sorry that you have had issues with this section.
I’ve asked the teaching assistant to take a look at the section to see what the issues are and the pitfalls that have been catching people out.
Could you highlight any specific issues that you have had and where they were in the course so we can target them to see if we need to get a better explanation in there or if the issue is an update to the software between the course being created and now.

Also if you could let us know which version of Unreal you were using as the course is currently not compatible with UE5

Thanks in advance.


Looking at your logs from your first post, you are using UE 5.0 which is in early access and only recommended for people that are experienced with UE4.

If you go back to the first lectures and install the version of software that it says (UE 4.22), the errors do not happen.

Hope you manage to install the correct version and continue to learn :slight_smile:


Thanks for all of your help :slight_smile: In the beginning of the course it mentions that any version of Unreal should be able to run the course. There is no "UE5 exception anywhere, so I wish that there would have been, if this course is not compatible. There was a slide that said, “Remember, the version of Unreal we are using is 4.22,” which made me scratch my chin hairs, but I remembered in one of the first few slides they explicitly state that it does not matter.

Anyways, I did manage to finish the course in UE5, I have a completely working FRUITS AND NUTS game. :smiley: I’m extremely excited about that, despite the many frustrations I underwent along the way. I did learn a lot - a lot more than the course intended me to teach, and maybe not so many things the course did intend to teach me.

Specific issues :

Rebuilding the Bull Cow game - rather than specifying at this point exactly in the course that if we are using any version of unreal other than 4.22, the course directs me to a troubleshooting video about how to read logs. While this was extremely necessary and informative, directing a first time student to a video on how to troubleshoot your project is a terrible practice. For just opening the program, I don’t want to be told how to ask good questions in order to get the course working - I just want the course to work. If the answer was simply, “make sure you’re using Unreal version 4.22,” that should have been made clear there.

Posted my error logs here initially and no one responded, save one particularly helpful Philx. Still had to work through the entire course in all frustrations on my own.

The actual set up of Visual Studio Code did not explain in detail what my compiler path was and how important it was to correctly set - the course acts as if everything should work right out of the box without any setup, and provides little instruction on getting things like include paths and compiler path set.

I’ve got to stop before I get carried away. The TripleX part of the course was Stellar. Everything worked just the way it should have and it was easy to grasp all of the concepts and put evertyhing into practice to build a working game in just a few hours. The Bull Cow Game has upset me so greatly that I don’t want to continue with the lessons, now that I’ve conquered this challenge.

Thanks for all your help and for reaching out and listening.

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I have had more issues than most a couple that I haven’t been able to sort. The first issue was not being able to use VS Code at all - none of the the .vsix extensions would install - none - so I had to figure out how to use VS Community not fun at all. Then I had a number of other issues like the character actor in game mode starts floating upwards if I look up or, vice versa if I look down should, if I move up the scenery the actor initially sinking down into the scenery then stays at that height regardless if there is anything under the character or not. Then the lighting would not build - don’t know how to fix, if I use build it won’t build the lighting. Then the biggest problem of all the compiling of Shaders everytime I open the project, DanM is currently trying to help me with this one, currently no resolution.

But with all that said I can’t say I am not learning anything, I have learnt a lot so far and the differences between C++ and Unreal’s version, dynamic arrays being a God send. I didn’t even stick to the Bulls and Cows game because I hated the rules and none of the family members liked the game and so changed it to a Hangman variant, still not completely finished - thanks to the shaders, although I did make a quick console variant of Bull&Cow myself, without course materials, to make sure I could check for Isograms.

So, yes, problems with 4.27, for sure, one huge problem, that is going to be a real problem moving forward, but … still learning albeit at a reduced rate.

Just my 5 cents - we don’t have a one and two cent coins anymore.

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Not a problem at all, We have a philosophy here at GameDev.tv that we do try to adhere to where “Nobody gets stuck” clearly that didnt happen here so if you ever find a question not being answered here on the forums please do feel free to ping me to draw my attention to it.

As you mentioned one of the issues with UE5 is the visual studio installation and set up has changed and these are one of the reasons we are yet to update the course to that version.
We do tend to update our courses but we are holding back a little on this one until the changes they are making to UE5 settle down.
Nobody likes a course full of patches and cuts! It ruins the flow of the learning and its something we do try to avoid where we can :slight_smile:

It might be worth also joining our very active discord server which is community driven and usually pretty active as teaching assistants have a limited time on checking the forums and sometimes things do get overlooked but thankfully not to often!

The link for discord is below.

Community Discord

We highly recommend following the course in the version we do as the code side of things rarely change unlike the interface.

I’ve highlighted to Dan also to make sure to double check the posts as well to make sure we are answering all questions.

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my response and i am glad you have managed to progress through the course despite the issues you have encountered.


Thanks so much for your time and consideration @Marc_Carlyon. I’ve joined the discord and installed Unreal Engine 4.27 and Visual Studio Code within it is working with the extensions as it should. My largest obstacles came from my lack of understanding about version incompatibility. I’m going to begin my Building Escape journey today. Again, I really appreciate your response.


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