BuildingEscape: WaterFall Issues


I have implemented a waterfall, but it clips at horizon line always about the same level. if I rotate my camera I get the whole thing, otherwise I only get a portion.

Any idea what the issue might be?

I’m not quite sure as to the issue and what you’re saying. If you move your camera around the waterfall it comes in and out?

Lets see if I can get a few more Pictures to clarify the situation:

Here is the picture with gridline visible, the horizon of that gridline, and the image of the water. It is fully visible and working.

Yet here, as soon as the camera positions itself so that the Horizon intersects the water, the water above that line is no longer visible.

I placed the camera below the grid so that we may have another view of the horizon line. But still, the image of the water stops wherever that line is.

If these do not help, I could record a video showing what is happening?

Otherwise, is it the engine? Or maybe it is the blueprints of this particular spline?

It is very funny situation, I hope you can fix it. I wonder what the solution will be.

Maybe water made by “image as planes” kind of thing? If so, you know camera could only see if their normals facing with camera. If upper parts facing the opposite of camera, it may not be visible.

I will have to look. I will look into it. It may be that the creator of this content never thought that someone would be looking up at it :slight_smile: . His tutorials are always looking down something, including waterfalls.

There was something with the actual asset itself. The creator did something for optimization. Thus you can only look down on it and not up.

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