Building Unreal From Source

ubuntu linux
ryzen 3rd gen 12 core
asus workstation motherboard
2x8 gb ddr4 ram
geforce gtx 1660 asus dual graphics
1tb samsung 970 evo ssd
nothing over clocked.
total cost 1700
built unreal engine in 8 minutes

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Build timing as requested:
Intel i7 9700F 4.7 GHz
16GB Memory
OS: Linux Mint
1 hour and 10 minutes build time

i7-9750H GeForce GTX 1650 (max-q)
~ 2 hours; I had to run make -j10 twice because for some reason it stopped the build after ~76 minutes, and I was left with no UE4Editor executable. So I just ran it again and another ~46 minutes later it was there.


Just wanted to share that it took me 1.5 hrs to compile the code on my Bonobo WS Extreme 2013 with a 765m GPU and Eight cores.

Hope this helps anyone who wants to know and estimated timeline.

how can we download softwares for this course

started a make command at 2:25 AM
and processing