Building Rick from Rick and Morty

My next small project.

This project is from the first section of the Blender Character Creator Course!
I’m doing just the face of Rick. The goal is to make it look just like the show and animate the eyes. I am new to character building so there is a lot to learn!
I’m excited to start learning about building characters. Building this Rick is going to be fun!

After doing some videos in the character creator course I have come to realize that it is going to be a hassle to try to follow a blender 2.79 course instead of doing blender 2.8. Also I want to keep up with the latest tech which is blender 2.8.

After I build Rick I am going to move to the now updated blender course! I am starting from section 1.

My next big project is going to be building Air Temple Island from The Legend of Korra.
Instead of building a Mayan temple in section 2, i’m going to be building the iconic air temple island built originally by Aang and now i’ll take my earth bending skills to the test in blender 2.8 to replicate it.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Here is a sneak peek.


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Update time! In fact this was such a small project. I finished it today.

It was fun messing around with bones and animation.

I learned a lot. The most frustrating part was the hair. But once I figured it out it was so much fun adjusting the hair and playing with it until it was just right!

Here is a video!

Here are photos!

Enjoy! Stay Tuned for my Air Temple Island Update!



Where is his Morty :laughing:
That is awesome BTW :+1:

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Thank you I appreciate it! You are right where is Morty…

Evil Morty music starts playing


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