Building for Oculus GO?

hey all, I am trying to build to an oculus Go. connection looks good no errors on the build. Run Device setup for my headset and ID.

But… all by headset says is waiting for an update and will not run the demo? If I click okay jumps to a quit/pause setting?

Any thoughts or guidance?


I have had something similar with normal apps on the Oculus GO, when I haven’t used it for a while and the operating system is out of date. I think it means that what you are trying to run isn’t yet supported by the current level of the OS, so it might be worth checking that you are up to date with your system level. Unfortunately, I don’t know if there is a way of forcing a system update, I think that you just have to wait until they push the latest version out to you. If you are at the latest level then I guess the best way forward is to raise a ticket with Oculus support. HTH of course I may be completely wrong but it is my best guess.

Thanks Keith, It has been off for a while so I will make sure to keep it active over the next day or so and try again.

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