Building for Android tip

Hey guys, I thought I play around with converting one my primitive games to Android build game for the first time…sounded straight forward but the builds kept failing! But it is easy and straight forwards once I figured out what the obstacle was.

What I discovered from several failed build attempts of any game I had developed was that I needed an older version of Java (version 8) and point to that location. Later versions just give failures in your builds. Having up to date versions of SDK is totally fine (btw I am still only using Unity 2017.0.3).

Just wanted to share my experience in case it helps any of you.

Also, Android Remote 5 on play store is awesome. No need to build to Android everytime you want to test your game on your mobile. Just click play on the Unity UI and the Remote app runs the game on the phone suing the phone’s touch screen inputs (if coded in the game).

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