Building Escape - Basic Lighting

Place holder torches and the orange lighting for when I implement the flames. I want to try and create my own particle emitter using a SubUV image I make myself. Time to bring out the fire pit and take some video of the flames! The Materials on the cage and the crates are from Substance Painter.

How much fun is Unreal?

It’s pretty fun. I mainly develop in Unity but switched to Unreal once I saw that impressive UE5 reveal so some of the things I’m already familiar with that cross over. But I got my degree using C++ and since graduating, I haven’t used much C++ only C#. I also teach programming for a company called Coding With Kids where we develop mini games in python, mod Minecraft with JS, Create Roblox games with LUA and for the older kids, we offer web development classes. I love coding! the art aspect that comes along with game dev is really just icing on the cake. Getting to play around with your scene and make it look pretty is neat. But as they mention in the videos, the perfectionist in me wants to nit pick the whole level and make things perfect even though it’s a test level lol. I’ll probably put the torch particle emittter on the back burner while I work though the rest of this course. Thanks for reaching out!

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