Building Escape 3rd person :)

I just had to make my life difficult but I think I learned even more than if I just followed the tutorial straight. I had to Google search a lot of issues which arose from just doing it “the wrong way” :slight_smile: (in 3rd instead of 1st person). Anyways, here it is at this point. The little computer screens will have puzzles to open the doors and and there will be a teleporter to escape to different floors. I did all the assets except the lock sound and a couple sounds from and the ball from Unreal sample project.

Anyways tell me what you think and I am REALLY enjoying this course! I still haven’t figured out how to allow the pawn to collide with the box. It freaks out! I had to let them ignore each other. The box can kick my pawns but! Right off the screen :slight_smile:

It doesn’t seem to like my uploaded movie embedded… If you right click and download it works though.

Here is a still and below a super short video


That is looking really cool dude! :smiley: Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished! :slight_smile:

This is fantastic! Truly, inspiring

Thanks! That inspires me to want to do more. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is awesome. If it’s okay I moved it to the showcase because I want other students to see what cool stuff our students are making.

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Sure of course and thank you .

Your game looks great. You’ve probably already tried this, and I don’t understand most of it, yet, but here’s a link that may help with your collision issues:

Good luck @Russell_McCampbell!

Thanks for the resource. FreeSound looks amazing!

Congrats, we’re gonna pop this in our updated Welcome Video if that’s ok with you?

Looks good My first day not sure where to start

Nice one :smiley:

Good work :slight_smile:

Great job making the extra effort, looks really professional.

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