Build time was very long

Hey there, my built time was over 30min. Is this common for UE builds? Coming from Unity, this seems excessively long for a 400MB package and simple 1 lvl game.

The build was made on an Apple M1 Max 32GB - UE 5.0.3

Build times do take a bit longer but 30 minutes is excessive.My Windows i7 PC does that in just a couple of minutes which is more along the lines of what you should expect.

It’s hard to compare UE with Unity however - C# is essentially parsed and passed to a runtime engine in Unity whereas the C++ (even blueprint projects) are compiled and that takes a lot longer. Plus it has a richer feature set and generally a higher quality rendering process so this comes with packaging overheads.

Also, having a quick look, the M1 doesn’t have full support yet so this may be the cause of the slowdown.

Hey @beegeedee, thanks for the quick response. Yea, perhaps the whole emulation thing on Apple Silicon makes it a bit more complex. I’ll keep an eye out for UE5.1 native support and do another build of the same project to compare. Thanks.

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Let me know when you try. I’m curious myself.

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