Bugs and minor issues

I would assume that the rating is not that great because there are quite a lot of issues witht this plugin.
For example the fact that you don’t have a box to type in is not because of your virtual machine, I have the same issues and it was hard to tell where I was supposed to type my credentials.
After that, the login keeps failing and I can’t even “sign in with my browser” because it also keeps failing for some reason.
I used to be able to use this plugin but now I can’t even sign in ! :open_mouth:

Did you figure it out?

Kinda worked by itself after a while. On creating a new project it worked, it’s also that you have invisible fields and buttons, that makes things quite tricky.
I had to retry multiple times for my old project and at one time it just finally worked.
So it seems a bit unstable and I guess that’s why the rating isn’t great !

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I guess so. Sometimes ratings are trustworthy… sometimes :stuck_out_tongue: