Bugs and Improvements

Hi all,

I just thought that I would share a few of the suggestions my playtester and I came up with:

  1. Definition of Isogram.
  2. Definition of Bulls and Cows.
    // The above will be done with a “would you like to read the instructions” question, including an example.
  3. Some minor spacing tweaks, including between the error messages and the prompt for another try.
  4. Presently, if Guess has an uppercase letter other than the first letter then the error is not caught by “IsLowerCase” - important to note, I set the bool opposite to how the course shows, when I set it the way round shown in the course the same error occurs but the first letter is exempted.
    // I think I might just can this error altogether, I don’t see the value beyond the scope of the course to have this be a requirement
  5. Will add an error for if a non-letter is added (isalpha() method can be used here).
  6. Will set the colour of the text to something like red for error messages and blue/yellow for Bulls and Cows messages

I hope you find the above helpful if you are looking at making improvements to your own BCGame! Please do reply with your own bugs, my intention is to really run with this and start adding features like having the User set a hidden word (which I’ll have to try and obscure somehow) and having a random word chosen from a library - I might even do themed ones, like LoTR or foreign languages!



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