Bug? Unable to PAN after adding back camera


So I’ve been working Lesson 11. I was having great fun struggling and learning to use Blender when I noticed that I did not have a Camera View. Somehow I must have deleted it. I did an Add, Camera and kept on working. Slowing but surely it starts with sluggishness when I use SHIFT+MMB or ZOOM IN/OUT w/ turntable (MMB). Luckily I was saving a file after each step as if something went crazy wrong I could just go back to previous file and start from there. I have the files if anyone wants to see them. If I go back to DEFAULT window everything works fine, if I go back to file that I saved when I realized I’m missing a camera everything is working well. It’s all files after adding camera, that functionality slows down at the next file saved, then basically stops working on all later files. This is so frustrating as I always most done with my project but without the PAN functionality I can’t do the quality of work I would want to post.

Things I tried:

  1. Close Blender
  2. Restarted multiple times
  3. move mouse to different USB port
  4. Verify shift and MMB work in other applications
  5. Verify it works in all files before adding Camera

I’m trying to avoid re-doing all this hard work I’ve done, but maybe I have no choice.


Did you try Undo, or have you gone past the 256?

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