Bug after switching back and forth between weapons

I have found that if I do it often enough or too quickly, for some reason I can’t attack with the sword anymore…

What does seem to happen is that the isAttacking state in the ActiveWeapon singleton gets stuck…

One solution might be to reset the flag when the weapon is switched, another might be to delay the actual weapon switch until after the cooldown has finished… That might be preferable as it might give a tactical element on when the player can attack again, and more importantly prevent the player spamming attacks at a higher rate by swapping between them all the time…


In which course and lecture are you?

That would have been the new 2D RPG course, and it’s once again a video where posting drops the reference tag… :frowning:
Unique Video Reference: 7_IW_UPC - Instantiating Weapons part 2

Thanks. I’ve just added the tag manually. :slight_smile:

@Marc_Carlyon, here seems to be another issue regarding tags.


I “think” we solve this in a later lecture “Weapon Cooldown Prep” (9_IW_UPC) which comes up in a few lectures and is live in the course.
I’ve attempted spamming the buttons on my version of the project and it does not appear to be an issue.

Please do let us know if the issue persists after this lecture

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Not sure if it’s already an addendum due to my posting… In the end of the “Bow&Staff Visuals” video, Stephen makes mention of the issue… :slight_smile:

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Just an FYI, The system we use to add tags is automated and its been having issues lately.
We are looking into it as all courses have been affected and we will try to add them manually where we can but we hope that it will be back up and reliable soon.

I thought as much. Having some automation for setting the tags up and that something’s amiss with it since it’s not just one lesson where it might have had some random typo or filling some field in a form for the tag was forgotten…

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