Bubble Brick Block Breaker

Here is my block breaker game.

Bubble Brick

Enjoy, and please feel free to offer any feedback you’d like.!


Now that I’m a Brick Champion I’m ready to offer some feedback.

I really like the art style and the sound effects, even the font. It all gives a very pleasant vibe. Some appropriate music would make it even better.

The controls felt good, and while I think a pause function is a great idea it wasn’t very useful past the early levels because when I clicked Continue the paddle would instantly jump to that side of the screen and 9 times out of 10 I’d lose.

Had a laugh at how things super-sized at the end. I think this is the first block breaker I’ve played with a final boss.

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Thanks for the feedback, David. And thanks for playing! I really enjoyed making it. Maybe my second version will have some music that fits the ambiance. Right now I’m diving into my defender game, so maybe I’ll write something simple when I come back to this.

You’re right about the pause function. Because the paddle is tethered to the mouse’s X position, it doesn’t really work out on later, more frantic levels.

Congrats on becoming the Brick Champion!

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