Broken Terrain Level after moving folders around


After ‘fixing’ my folders I seem to have somehow lost my Terrain and Terrain Collider for my tutorial area. I’d made it using files tagged with the scene setup and after moving around folders and such it’s simply disappeared. I have my ‘combat sandbox’ still which is sort of a default setup and some random things but the tutorial area was my entire game setup which was quite a bit of work. I have no understanding of git kracken yet either so I’m pretty sure I’ve lots my work at this point. However it seems I can’t simply eddit the terrain again to redo it, do I have to essentially delete and redo it or does anyone have any advice here? Any other suggestons on how best to back up our work so I only lose a lectures worht of work and not about 10 lectures worth? :slight_smile: Thanks in advance… sigh

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