Broken resource link for SSH connection

The link to the “Connecting to GitHub with SSH” instructions is broken on REMOTE GitHub Repo lesson.

Hi Miles,

Thanks for letting us know. I’ve just clicked the link in the Resources of lecture “REMOTE GitHub Repo” (currently #14), and it is working for me. Could you test it again? Maybe there was a problem when you tried it yesterday.

Hi Nina,

The link you provided works. But when I click on the link in the lecture resources I get sent to this page:

I was able to find the resource with a quick search. I just wanted to point out that the link was broken for me.

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!

Oh, you are accessing the course from I only checked the resources on Udemy. Thanks for pointing the wrong link out. I’m forwarding the problem to @Lucy_Becker, so she can fix it. :slight_smile:

Updated Tue Nov 05 2019 14:44
Lucy is super fast. She already fixed the link. :slight_smile: