Broken email system. Cannot access the content for which I have just paid money

Hi. Firstly I tried to log in to the courses section using my Teachale login. The Forgot Password link said it was sending a link to my gmail account, which has not arrived, and yes I have checked spam, trash, archive and every other folder, and have now been though the Forgot Password process several times.

I then created another account with another gmail, bought 2 more courses (possibly foolish), and the ‘Confirm Account’ email has not arrived either, hence I cannot access my new content either.

I have seen several posts on this forum saying similar things, and those posts have been closed. I suggest you keep them open, so that if these problems are extensive, as I would suspect, an accurate picture of their extent can be built up over time. This can only help with solving these problems, with benefit to your business.

Please help me gan access to the content I’ve handed over my hard-earned for, asap. I much prefer not to have to explore other avenues for resitution.

Best regards

@ Rick_Davidson @Mike @Ben @Laurie_Coppersmith

Okay, I’ve finally received emails - crisis averted for now :slight_smile:

Still, it might be worth looking into your Forgot-Password systems, as people are used to near-instant turnaround these days.

Good to hear it sorted itself out. I will bring up the e-mail delay issue with the team. Thanks for letting us know.

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