Bring back closed courses?

What is your take on bringing back archived courses?
I really want them to reintroduce those archived courses because Gamedev.Tv has always been amazing on teaching game development
Not just Unity,Blender or Unreal but also teaching Art,Git,Math,Drawing

So i want to know if you want gamedevtv to reintroduce and bring back archived and closed courses just like Physics Course,Board Game Developer,And many more…?

My suggestion on bringing back closed courses
Maybe reintroduce them or remaster them

Or maybe just try to sell them on a certain time of the year

Or maybe dont bring back Old Unity Courses or anything that requires a software like Physics for Unity

Maybe just bring back Game development in general or maybe dont bring back Physics for Unity but make a course on PHYSICS FOR GAME DEVELOPMENT instead

Just an example

and of course my course suggestion are Unity VR/AR,Enterprises App,C# Survival Guide, Monetization,Marketing,Game Writing,Level Design,Narrative Design,Game Design,Play testing,Game Talks,Or maybe publish some books