Brief Introduction

Hey there everyone! My name is Chris and math was absolutely my worst subject in school. After some time I taught myself math in a way that I could better understand it and it has slowly become one of my stronger subjects over time. I am very passionate about video games and really look forward to putting everything I learn here into practice.

Hi Chris,

Welcome to the course! That is very good to hear! In the end, mathematics is a lot of practice!
If there are any questions, just ask them!

The community is here to help you!

Kind regards,

Hi Chris,

I was bad at math in high school, too. I got to be okay with Algebra in college, but I still didn’t love it. I put off taking Statistics until the end of college, but by that time I had already taken Risk Management and I found Statistics extremely useful when I finally got around to taking it. I ended up loving Statistics because of that.

When I started learning programming with Java a few years ago, all that stuff with Algebra finally started making sense to me, mostly about passing values and context.

As an electrician, I needed to learn a little Trigonometry for conduit bending, but I never bent very much conduit so the Trig didn’t really stick. I’ve built hundreds (literally) of control panels and run miles of wire, but not much conduit bending.

A few days ago I took an assessment for a Technical Writer job and the assessment consisted of two 20 question quizzes (40 questions total) that were ALL about solving complex algorithms. Not a single question about writing at all. I love Technical Writing, but I’ve never solved a single complex algorithm in my life, so you can probably imagine how burnt I feel about Calculus right now (I didn’t take Calculus in college).

Anyway, I’m just saying, the struggle is real. Math takes a lot of patience and practice.

Welcome to GameDev!