Bridging Edge loops, Bishop and 3D Cursor Challenges

Hello again. :slightly_smiling_face:

For the bridging edges loops, it was fairly simple challenge to do, although it added some unnecessary edges that I will remove sometime soon. But, I know that these unnecessary edges were added because of how I made the base, so that one is on me.

“Bridging Edge loops challenge”:

Thankfully for this challenge it wasn’t necessary to add or remove a lot of vertices, as the pawn already gave a good base to create the bishop.

“Using Common Features (Bishop) challenge”:

For the 3D Cursor and Origins challenge, the origin was already at the right position from the beginning, but I made sure that it was in the right position, anyways.

“3D Cursor And Origins challenge”:


Yes your edge loop joining had a mismatch in verts in the two loops. Could have used a head sphere with twice the segments.


You’re right. I was trying to decrease the number of nodes and edges when I decrease the segments of the sphere. But, I ended doing the opposite without knowing. :sweat_smile:


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