Bridge with fog


Happy and not :smiley: . I think Eevee render looks okay ,but in Cycles even with denoise(NLM) looks a bit noisy …
Was a bit of a struggle to get this sort of right.

When done the cube for the volume for the fog .only changed density and the anisotropy.

Even tried with another scene as I thought might be bugged or could be the lights …

When density was 1: the fog was dark…not white …basically all the scene invisible to render.World setting is dark,but also changed it to white - same thing happened.
Eventually changed things around to get the results as you see.

Q : why does the higher fog makes all black?
Q: does Cycles need some other settings that were not covered in lessons to make the fog nice looking?
(Blender 2.92)
Thanks you!


You need to increase the Cycles samples!
denoising is a ‘smart’ trick but sample increase does the real trick.

With ‘1’ no light can pass (solid).


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