Bridge Mockup Camera Challange

Nothing too fancy but I´m happy so far.

But this does bring up the question as to why the blocks I used for the Arch show up in the Rendering even though they don´t in the regular view.
I couldn´t figure that out yet, maybe someone has a pointer for me.

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two things to look at. First, did you accidetly join the boolean cutter to the single arch? Second, did you click on the camera icon in the outliner window to turn off render visibility?


Thank you very much. It was the camera in the outliner window to turn off render visibility. The camera was hidden and not yet showing in the interface but I found it and it fixed the issue. Thank you very much.


Glad to help!

Please remember to marke the solution so Marc knows you got it taken care of :+1:

Uhm, how do I do that? The closest thing I see is the like button.

Ok, been a while since I’ve done that but, if I remember correctly you need to click on the ellips to bring up additional options for the post with the solution. This should bring up a tic box labeled “solution”.

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