Bridge edge loop question

Hi! During this lesson, I used ctrl+x in edit mode on selected edges, it removed them and created faces in one action - but I failed to find any info about this behaviour in the WEB. Can you please clearify this?

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I think to delete I use just x (or normally i hit delete) then select vertices from the delete menu, and they just deleted without creating a new face


I think I have found what the command does - but not sure what it means

“CTRL-X. Erase All. Everything (except the render buffer) is erased and released. The default scene is reloaded.”

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Your talking about the command “Dissolve Edges” ; so yes, if you click ctrl-x it will be the hot key for dissolve edges. blender does not specify a hot key for this command, just when i use ctrl-x it seems to be the exact same thing…

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