Brick Breaker - My version is live

I’ve spent some extra time on this one polishing some details. Decided to learn a bit about animations and applied to the bouncing pads on the top corners.

Although it’s being very fun to learn, decided to mark it as done so I can proceed and go through the next lectures!


hello fellow student
I really like your additions to the game (the corners and the life)
I have some feedback
1- break the game into sections with different difficulties and backgrounds (kinda gives the feel that the game is huge)
2- maybe change the blocks to different looks and shape (makes the block breaker unique)
3- keep the good work

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll look into the background options and blocks visuals!


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I especially liked the corners, they do not only help with the bouncing of hard corners, your anim makes the game more lively!

Very good job with stylish game logo font!
Also, I have enjoyed the opportunity to have 3 lives. Bouncing corners are amazing :fire:

Nice work!

I love the small details like the VFX colors changing with the color of the block that was destroyed. Also the custom art !

Only improvement I would suggest is to make more use of your cool feature, the bouncy things in the corner. Make them bigger / more important / more central :slight_smile:

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