Brian you brought up this a while ago.. (my first time thru this)

Hi Steve,
That sounds a little bit like the way we want it. It’s possible that your progression values aren’t scaled quite the way they need to be to keep that comfortable 2-3 hits per kill ratio. Generally, characters over your level should be harder to kill (add an extra hit per level) and lower level characters should be easier to kill.
Game Balance is an art unto itself. I probably spend more time tweaking my hit formulas than anything else. Play with the values until you find a playtest with the ratio of hits to kills that you are comfortable.

My Question is do you have an excel workbook for studying these?

If so will you share it?

As I get a better understanding from data…

Thanks so much in advance…

My own games tend to include a lot of variables… armor, buffs, stats, etc… so my game balance testing is generally in the form of Debug.Logs, counting actual hits to kill, hits the player is able to survive, etc.

It’s faster for me to tweak the formulas and run the scenario than it is to edit the formula again in an excel spreadsheet. That’s just me.

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