Break the Cycle

Story: After some great advancements in technology, humans have discovered more things about life that they could ever hope to have. Unfortunately, with that discovery came a huge existential crisis since they discovered that there is no true afterlife. There is something after death but it is merely a repetition of their past life. Apparently, this cycle has been going on for thousands of years without humans ever doubting anything. Fortunately, humanity found out that there might be a way to break this never-ending cycle. It appears that death is not simply a concept, it has a physical form and it doesn’t work alone… Now humanity must fight the army of death to redeem a true afterlife.

Game Genre: Strategy/tactical tower defense
Core Game Loop: The player must place phoenix idols to fight the army of death.
Art: Death/horror themed, voxel art
Platform: PC/Mac/Linux
Aspect Ratio: 16:9, 1920x1080
Input: Mouse
Stretch Goals:

  1. A story presented like a visual novel.
  2. Cool menus and UI.
  3. Scary enemies.
  4. A map progression system like Super Mario World.
  5. The other stretch goals of this course.

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