Breach into a computer's personal space
Here’s my version of the game~ There’s a limited number of tries but except that it’s a pretty regular one.
Oh and I’m french so I couldn’t playtest it with my someone irl, too bad. Tell me if you get stuck or if it’s too easy (except for the Adminstrator’s password, that’s on purpose x)

Edit: After playing other games I realized that it might be too hard actually, or maybe i’m just bad at anagrams ?
It takes me so long to even guess a 5 letters word… And my game doesn’t give the theme of the passwords very well I believe, so that make it even harder. I should make it more explicit.


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It’s fine; I enjoyed it :slight_smile:

But why does it print Height. when I enter 8 at the menu?

Thanks ! It’s a reference of the Stanley parable demo
Oh my god I just realized it’s “eight”, not “height”… that wasn’t intended

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