Sorry to ask/talk about the same issues, but after reading other’s and trying out some possible fixes as well as redoing the BPs under the event graph, I still don’t have the restart trigger box activating to restart. I am lost. Everything work up until the breakpoint (F9) with the branch. Once I add in the “Get Current Level Name” and the “Open Level” it should restart, shouldn’t it? Though it is not. Any help is much appreciated! Thank you!


you are executing the Restart when an actor that ist not(!=) the player enters the Trigger.
I guess this is not what you intent to do. If you want to call this function when the player enters use == instead of != or connect the false Branch(which is propably not as intuitive to read).

BTW: It is always a good idea to print a string to the Screen if you are not sure if your code is being called.

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Wow, sorry to miss something obvious and under my nose!

Thank you for the help and swift response.

I must have misclicked the wrong function, thank you again!

No Problem. I am glad I could help you

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