BP_Player is not moving

The one made with GameMode2 was newly made because the previous GameMode was in error.
I set up BP_Player as described in this lecture, but when I start the game, the player won’t move. Why?

Unreal Engine 5 C++ Developer: Character Blueprint Lecture from the C++ Learning and Creating Video Games Lecture.

The first person template is now using Enhanced Input and it seta that up in its player controller. So for your player controller class set it to BP_FirstPersonPlayerController

Still, the issue hasn’t been resolved. Is BP_Player or any other setup the issue?

Additionally, I will add the BP_Player information.

Is that game mode class being used? Could you show that?

Yes, I’m using the game mode I set.

I don’t know if it’ll help, but I’ll tell you more. When I move BP_Player, the game start sponge position changes. But it doesn’t change my field of view or move.

That shows that you aren’t using it. The game mode you are editing is BP_CryptRaiderGameMode (can’t see the rest of the name) and the one you have selected is CryptRaiderGameMode (the C++ class not the blueprint).

There was a mistake in that part, but it doesn’t move even though it’s set to a proper blue print.

And this is definitely after pressing play and clicking inside the viewport?

Could you show BP_FirstPersonPlayerController?

Yes, I pressed the start button and checked it.

And the event graph and IMC_Default?

That shows that there are no mappings. It should look like this

The actions are in an aptly named folder

Does that mean I have to manually add one by one? Is there a way to set it up separately?

It’s either that or re-add the first person template.

I understood that you are erasing BP_FirstPersonPlayerController and bringing in a new BP_FirstPersonPlayerController. But I can’t think of the process of doing it, can you tell me how?

The same way you added it initially. I’ve never added something twice but presumably it’ll ask if you want to overwrite the files.

You mean the Crypt Raider lecture, right? Thank you so much for your kind reply for a long time. It helped me a lot. In addition, I wondered why IMC_Default was deleted. What kind of mistake did it make?

Sorry, I misremembered the project setup. So you could start again but I’d suggest just adding the mappings yourself. It’ll only take a few seconds.

I don’t know, sorry.

Are you saying to copy and use only one BP_FirstPersonPlayerController in the basic first person project? I don’t understand exactly what you mean by adding the mapping yourself. Sorry.

Do you have the actions?

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