Great scene and animation. You could improve the physics of the pins to some extent, by tweaking some of the values in the physics properties. Play around with the “bounciness” and “friction” values of the pin and the ramp and you’ll get much better result. Here’s a screenshot to find them easily.


@Kartik_Nair Thank you so much. It made it look much better. :smiley:

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Good flying pins.

Might need the rigid body settings altering as the pins go part way through the floor.

Apart from those two pins glitching in the floor it looks great :slight_smile:

Yaa that’s cool, found it when I was playing around. But this is just a quick technique to improve the contact b/w two objects, there may be other superb ways too get there but I’m still new to Blender. :sweat_smile:

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