Bowling Scene

Here are my renders

This was the reference I took for the 2nd pic…can anyone tell me how to get the reflection on the floor?


The way light is reflected, and bounces around is based on the material it’s made of!
In Blender, you can design your own materials en textures.
Like your mirror at home. Which is glass with a thin metal layer (reflectiveness).

So for the floor, you need to create a material with a lot of Specular, less Roughness. And a lot of metallic properties.

If you need a mirror then only Metallic is enough.

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I have a few questions…

Is this right?

Also, what exactly does Specular do? And what is the second specular for?

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What Does The Specular Tint Option Do In Blender ? When using the specular tint value in the principled shader, we change the reflection’s color that bounces off the object’s surface. For this to be most effective, we need first to lower the roughness value in the principled shader and increase the specular value to 1.

See blender basecamp

Also, metal doesn’t have any color. But it’s reflective tint could be.


I think I have understood it now…thank you :blush:


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