Bowling Scene weird Evee render

Playing with shadowes worked quite well, but then when I added reflections, something weird happened.

- first render, no reflections.
And then- bam :wink:
It looks perfectly fine when rendered with cycles.
Also, the weird effect seems to only affect the pins that are at an angle?


Well it is going well the models are good and the setup.

The difference in the last image that I can notice is in the bowling balls there is only one highlight, reflected lamp? On the others, there are three. Which may well explain the harder darker shadows in the last image. Or some Evee baking issues stuff creating multi refections?

Evee stuff I have no idea.

Ah yea, sorry I see how that might be confusing. cycles render is from previous setting with only one light, but that does not affect this particular ( weird reflections ) issue. I only put it in there as it takes my computer over 1,5h to render this in cycles and I didn’t want to do it again XD I am however doing it now, and will put both side by side so you can see that the only difference is the weird reflections on tilted pins



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Hi Pati

Eevee does an approximation to what Cycles does so as to remain as fast as possible (with the goal of being “real-time”). Think physically correct ray-tracer vs. a game engine. The ray-tracer can take its time to calculate everything accurately, but the game engine needs to take shortcuts to remain “real-time”.

When you mess with these settings:
… you can get better results, but the settings will greatly affect your overall rendering time per-frame, which is why by default they try to make a concession between real-time and realistic.

The blender-landscaping course covers screen-space reflections in more depth - in complex scenes where you want something to reflect in Eevee that is off-screen, you need to put in extra work to achieve that.

The reason for this seeming hassle is precisely that Eevee becomes a good benchmark for how your animation/model/scene will perform in a real-time game engine, forcing you to do the early optimization in the development pipeline.

Eevee is a contributing factor to Blender becoming more popular in game-dev.

The paradigm is quite different from Pixar style animation where you can spend hours rendering each frame vs something that should be smooth and real-time in-game and the rendered results will reflect that (pun not intended).

@Jaco_Pretorius Thanks so much for that reply, it’s very informative :slight_smile: I’m new to all this ( really, learning bleder for totally different purpose) so I thought I must have did something wrong to ge those reflections.

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