Bowling Pins & Ball Render

Had to have bit of a break from the course but hopefully getting back on track now. Finally got my bowling render done. Fairly happy. I spent a lot of time on the lighting which I’m still not 100% sure I’ve cracked - but getting there!
This is my version…

This is what I based it on…


Realism is hard!
And you did a good job on the lighting.
But realism lies also in tiny details!
Like rotating pins, pins are not exactly vertical, pins are on a slightly different position, variation in light temperature and intensity, variation in reflection, dirt …


Thank you :slight_smile:
I’m looking forward to learning how to add different textures. I had thought they were too clean, but couldn’t work out how to do that!
Think I got so involved with the lighting the slightly differing positions hadn’t crossed my mind! Something to keep in mind for the future projects though. Reality is never that clean or tidy :smiley:


Very well done. The photo is low resolution so looks more ‘dirty’ than it probably would be. Your lights are great matching the reflected ones in the photo.
Yes, some realism grubbiness would help, something to try later.


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