Bowling Pin

Behold! PIN!

Note: I had to place it in a cube because Blender messes with the shading whenever something has a material, I think it’s because of Blender warning us that the light reflected off the material will land nowhere and thus makes it transparent, I’ve seen this once when I made some tanks, this is what it looks like without the box:

pretty messed up, isn’t it?


It is odd but I world start by turning the light down, it seems very bright.

It just is not a thing needed to place objects in boxes. You could put a simple plane as a floor for it to stand on.

The pin itself looks good. Bit of a glitch bump at the top centre.

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Yes, very strange!

Include more info, to solve this. Like Cycles or Eevee.
Are the normals pointing to the correct side?

Do you render also the reference image???

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is the alpha on the material turned down?

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