Bowling Pin, with crown style adornment

I chose to use the crown style stripes as seen on Brunswick pins to change it up a little. This is my first time using the Knife tool, and boy, I can see how it could be extremely powerful.

25 steps in the spin, allows for 5 regularly spaced points.

there are some very small faces caused by the knife cut though, but I couldn’t really wrap my head around what to dissolve to make the topology simpler


Nicely done :slight_smile:

Yes knife is very useful if a little tricky to get sorted out how to use it. You have done well, I would not worry over the topology for such an item it does not seem to be having bad effects. It will not need to flex at all being a solid item.

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Thank you, good to know

vertices, edges, faces gives the object a shape, a volume.
Dividing faces, to be used for color placement can be done, but normally a job for bitmaps with illustrations.
That way we keep the object low poly and simple to maintain.

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