Bowling Excursion (and Extrusion)

Here is my basic bowling ball.

But as I was looking at my bowling ball, it looked like it was looking up into the sky in awe and wonder. So I decided to zoom out to see what it was seeing:

The crystalline thing is another ICO Ball, smoothed out, subdivided, and then extruded the opposite way. Just for curiosity sake.


I forgot to mention that the latest blender seemed not to have quiet the same issues with artifacting as was shown in the lesson. I smoothed out my bowling ball and there was no strange marshmallow or beaten pillow effect.

However, I found that when I tried subdividing the “eyes” of the bowling ball formed themselves into a slight tear shape. This was fixed after selecting the entire model and merge by distance. After that all the suggestions that the instructor has described worked better.


Yes, always be aware of vertices close or on top of each other!


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