Bowling Challenge Animation

Here is my bowling scene!

Bowling scene loop, thanks @FedPete for the tip :v:


Still not really a loop but more satisfying.
I’m loving this course.
Cheers to all that help out. Cant imagine how it must have been to learn this without such forums.


So satisfying! I’ve been refreshing the video nonstop!

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made a gif so you wont have to refresh no more :wink:

bowling scene low res


Well done, got it all sorted and working very well. Great whole bowling alley scene and animation. :star:

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If your camera start is the same as the and. Then in blender your could copy the images sequence a couple of times, show a ball throwing multiple times.
I always render to images and in Blender video I create the movie. Which allows me to add text and fade in and out.

Maybe I can interest you to participate in the latest “Christmas Cards” collab?

Create a Christmas card for all the members of

Took me a while to get a strike, lol

That’s a good idea!
I haven’t tried blender video yet, this could be a chance to do so.

Definitely making a x-mas card.

Really dig the camera moving in to capture the moment of the pins being hit. Great job!

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