Bowling ball and pin

The scaling definitely threw me off and I still am not completely sure how to achieve it in separate blender files.

Finding the locations for the holes on the Icosphere gave me a little trouble as well. Thinking it was a scaling problem I tried adjusting the increments and scale a number of times without luck.

I eventually made the icosphere with the specifications in the tutorial and then used the Right Ortho view to locate geometry for the holes (the geometry seemed to be a little more symmetric).

The To Sphere command was giving me loads of trouble. I selected Faces for the holes > Inset > Selected Loop Edge > W, Subdivide by 3 > Control + Shift + S > when I scrubbed to the right a White circle appeared and the geometry when crazy. I saw that my Limit Selection to Visible wasn’t checked and I was accidentally selecting faces through the sphere on the other side.

Any way, moving on. Whenever I get stuck and solve the problem, I feel like I’ve learned the most.

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