Bowling Ball and Pin Scene 1

Managed to spot the scaling error on first pass, I’m finding working in metric units for the whole scene helps a lot for that.

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i jsut scaled it with the scale to and put it against it in ortho till it looked right? do you think there would be a problem with that

No, of course not, :slight_smile: Use whatever system works well with you. as long as things are close, the scaling to other projects can be done with the “scale”. Near as I can tell our teacher works almost entirely by eye, so there’s no problem at all with it. I’m just practicing on the precision size because i hope to build for 3d printers, and I heard its easier to build at scale that to scale down. That may be wrong but it’s working for me.

Summery: Both approaches work. I just like numbers.

yea i totally get that. normally id like to stick the right scale but just felt right to shrink the ball. i even just went and did it before loading the next video :smiley:

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