Bowling - Animation

I moved the ball off the center line of the lane by a little and added spin (by not locking rotation in the keyframes). Added an overhead glaring white light that cuts into the render… to make it look like every bowling place I’ve been :slight_smile: Also threw in a red overhead to give it a touch of extra color.

Did a little work on improving my shadows in Eevee, and adjusted the shininess of each object.

I think I’m finished with this one, but as always feedback is welcome! :slight_smile:

I can’t upload the MP4, but here are a couple of stills of the action.


Looks fine. You can link video here, if hosted on Youtube or similar.


That’s great, I didn’t know linking externally would be allowed. Thanks sir!


Nice bowling pins and ball.Reflections on the floor looks amazing.Nice smash scene too.Nice scratches on the pins.You really should stop your cat from playing with it you know :smiley_cat:. Nice work dude!