Bowling Alley

You ever just finish a scene and then realize “Oh man it would have taken SO MUCH less time if I did it this way!” yea…


Well, then you’ve learned something else also!
It is a good, well-lit scene.

Many students, will create their own version of the original challenge.
The use of being different, and creative with the tools known at that moment is high.
But the goal is not to make the best very bowling scene doing the challenge.
But apply the knowledge in a small project.
It is better to do many tiny projects with the knowledge learned. Then a big one, losing interest.
There is so much more to learn, the more knowledge you have and practice. The quicker your can test things out, or choose a different direction.

And above all, don’t for get to have fun.
The best motivation factor.

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Don’t get me wrong I did have fun, but I feel a little silly for not using the array modifier I was just taught last section and instead using loop cut to measure out each lane. It’s alright though I’ll remember this for the next time!

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