Bowling Alley Scene

I fussed with the ally a lot here, couldn’t get the gutters to look right. The dividers were initially a less reflective metal to distinguish them but it just looked bad. Also, just noticed as I was doing these renderings that you can see the seams of the bowling pins in Eevee. Not sure how that happened.

Woah! NIce! How in the world did you get so much reflective in the alley way? I struggled with that quite a bit. Awesome scene!

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Thank you!

In the Material for the alley floor, I set the Roughness value to 0.1. I think that’s the only change I made (beyond setting a color of course). Naturally you can’t see the results outside the Cycles engine, though. I had to keep going back and forth between rendering and adjusting the Roughness value to see what I was doing.

No kidding!? That’s it? No Gloss BSDF or shaders or anything?

That’s it! As far as I remember anyway.

I’m trying to see the seams. Are you sure those aren’t just identical shadows…? If not, maybe you forgot to merge by distance (=remove double vertices)? Looking good anyhow. :slight_smile:

They’re running along the right side of the pin. See how it looks like a little ridge almost, with a sharp shadow? I later discovered that when I had originally made the pin, the vertices didn’t actually merge because they were too far apart. I fixed the issue by just upping the merge by distance value. You can see here they don’t show up anymore.

Well, yes. They’re perfectly pinn-y and glossy now. :slight_smile:

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