Bounce and drop animation practice

Viewed an animation tutorial last week on youtube that showed dropping a square, so I wanted to do a really quick attempt at that, but I’d like to re-watch that video and try again.

Created one bouncing ball animation, and then wanted to see it slowed down a bit. I didn’t modify the graphic editor after slowing it down very much, it could do with more tweaking. Added just a little bit of squash and stretch to them for additional practice.

Overlaying the materials in the graph editor was interesting, and not something I’d thought of doing before. I think this section was great exercises to become more familiar with a very intimidating tool. Looking forward to continuing.


Doing animations on your own is a good thing.
But with a few buttons extra, Blender will do it for you!
It’s all about Blenders physics tab.


Just following the animation course, we didn’t look into the physics tabs so I hadn’t thought of it, but I figure they work great with animations. I’m excited to pair them together in the future, thank you for the suggestion.


I haven’t gotten the course yet (getting it come November 1st xP), but balls seem to be traditional in learning squash and stretch in animation :slight_smile:

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True, but even with a single BONE, connected to a sphere, you can do amazing things.
It was part of the Old Blender courses (Michael).

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